Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Corey Connections

There seems to have been some significant connection between My Daniel Hildreth and David Corey. Here is some of the evidence:
  • 1815 - Daniel and David Corey bought property in Minisink, Orange, NY. It's not entirely clear, but it seems that David possibly lent Daniel the money because there was a mortgage involved where Daniel was supposed to have paid back the loan by April, 1820.
  • It should be noted that in the same year, 1815, Daniel married Sarah Crane and she was from Wantage, Sussex, NJ.
  • 1818-1820 - David Corey of Wantage, Sussex, NJ recorded his will in OC; wife was Susan, a witness was Daniel Hildreth, and executor was Lewis Hall, brother-in-law (m. sister Mary Cory). The will was probated in March 1820.
  • In 1825, Daniel and Sarah had a daughter who they named Susan Corey Hildreth.
  • 1838 - Daniel sold his land in OC, or it went back to the original owner?  Again there is mention of David Corey and a mortgage, but it's not yet clear how that was all dealt with after David Corey died in 1820.
Here is a summary of who I think David Corey was:
  • David's parents were Jonathan Cory and Lucy Knapp, they were from Orange, NY, but the previous generation was from Southold, Suffolk, NY.
  • David Corey, b 1787 in Goshen, Orange, NY, m Susan Owens, he died in 1820 in Wantagh, Nassau, NY (why was he there? also note place is somewhat like Wantage in NJ). His children were Jonathan Corey, b 30 Apr 1815, Orange, NY, d 23 Feb 1883, m. Elizabeth Penny; and Jesse, b 6 Sep 1818, m Catherin Nicholson, d 28 Apr 1881, Paw Paw, IL
It looks to me like David Corey was born in Orange County, so he was there long before Daniel Hildreth, although they were roughly the same age, so they were contemporaries. Still I wonder if there was not some family connection with the Corey's that took Daniel to Orange County where he was, apparently, living when he enlisted in the militia in 1814. Maybe the Corey family became a guardian after Daniel's father died? Or Daniel's mother remarried a Corey?  There's still lots to learn!

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