Monday, May 4, 2015


I decided today it would be a good thing to understand the BIG picture of my Brown family who lived in Gloucester county, New Jersey for several generations. When I really looked, I realized the Brown's go back in Gloucester as far as my 6th g-grandfather, John Brown I, who died there in 1736. Wow.

But today, let's just start with the siblings of my 4th g-grandfather, Jonathan Brown. Here are some connections I discovered.
  • Jonathan Brown had a sister, Sophia Brown, who was the second wife of Samuel Mickle.
  • Samuel Mickle had a brother, William Mickle who married Sarah Lord, sister of Samuel's first wife, Ann Lord.
  • William and Sarah Mickle had a son, George Mickle.
  • Jonathan Brown had a daughter, Mary Brown. She married George Mickle in 1812, who was her first cousin once removed. George Mickle was 12 years older than his wife, and not surprisingly, Mary Brown Mickle outlived her husband by nearly 16 years. Mary lived with her twin sister, Sarah Brown, who was the unmarried aunt who left a will bequeathing all to her various nieces (see my previous post).
Whew. To round it out, all three of Jonathan Brown's other surviving siblings married people of the REEVES family. It would seem everybody was related to everybody else in one way or another!

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