Thursday, May 21, 2015

God Bless America, Now Pay Your Taxes

Here's a little more analysis I just completed (or is ongoing, to be more accurate):

Hildreth Names in 1799-1803 Tax Rolls of Southampton, New York

As exciting as it is to discover new sources, it has then taken me several days to figure out exactly WHO are the Hildreth's appearing in these tax lists???  Having an actual source has caused me to turn my family tree upside down, yet again, mostly to shake out all the unsourced information that I had attached at some past and unthinking point. I'm not opposed to "trying on" unsourced information mostly because it helps me to think about things, but also because it generates hints I wouldn't otherwise see on But then I forget and then I come back years later and wonder what was I thinking? The lesson of writing down what I was thinking is partly why I write this blog. Hopefully others will learn from my mistakes as well as my wonderings.

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